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24Sep 2015

Communicating isn’t the objective in business or life. The objective is understanding. Communication is simply the tool to accomplish that. In one study, poor communication was cited as the cause of poor employee performance 80% of the time. Communicating effectively is what acting as a leader is all about, whatever your position or title. Words …

22Sep 2015

Five best-selling authors, Speaker Hall of Fame recipients, internationally-acclaimed business consultants and best buddies give their insights on business and life. You are stranded on a desert album and only get to take 5 albums with you. What are they? Greatest Hits albums are cheating. Since the Five Friends are all huge music lovers we loved doing this one and it was a challenge to narrow it down to only five! Continue Reading

17Sep 2015

Everything we accomplish happens not just because of our efforts but through the efforts of others. The biggest difference between people who manage others versus people who lead others is how they develop those under them. As all leaders know, untitled or not, leadership is power with people, not power over people. Do you build …