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So Good You Want to Print It

When was the last time you read something so good that you HAD to print it?printer

I skim hundreds of articles and posts weekly. I know something is truly great writing when I click PRINT, regardless of how many pages are involved.

Sure, I could save it and access it digitally later, but for me converting the ideas into a document I can hold, highlight and re-read is compelling. It means I really value it and the desire to make it more tangible is proof.

Not all our written communications need to be “gotta print” quality, but if nothing we write compels our readers to print it, we’re not communicating well.

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Leadership Styles Around The World

Thanks to Richard Madison, The Brighton School of Business Management for providing.
Leadership Styles Around the World - Brighton Infographic

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Survival ISN’T the Goal

Survival is an uninspiring goal.achievement

It is a pre-requisite, obviously for everything else. Survival foundational to achieving the real goals of success: thriving and achieving.

A client once told me, “I didn’t go to college to learn how to survive. I want to thrive!!”

Of course if we don’t expect much in life and don’t get it, we aren’t as disappointed. Some people aim low–at surviving–with the confidence that at least they can achieve that.

During difficult times, both individuals and businesses are sometimes faced with survival as a primary goal. But like Robert Schuller says, “Tough times never last but tough people do.”

The danger is staying in survival mode longer than necessary. Anyone can become so accustomed to playing not to lose that they stop playing to win.

Have you dumbed down your aspirations? Have the challenges and obstacles slowly drained you of your aspiration to thrive? Does your team know what you’re trying to achieve, or only what you’re trying to avoid?

To change your future, change your present perspective.

You can do better than simply surviving. Determine to thrive and flourish.

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Customer Service Enemy #1

Recently my friend Chris, a successful business owner, sent me this story:

“Vicki and I celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in November.  I decided to buy her a new wedding ring.  I spent a fair amount more on the new ring than I did for her old one.

When I went to pick the ring up the gal showed it to me, rang up the sale, handed me a bag,  never looked me in the eye much less say thank you!

If it hadn’t been a custom ordered ring I think I might have told her ” no thanks” and gone somewhere else to shop.

Thank you is so easy, yet, it’s not as widely used as it should be.”i-dont-care

When a customer does business with you, they expect to be acknowledged. A simple but sincere thank you is a start. In the case of Chris, who I know invested significantly in a special ring, the attention and gratitude should be commensurate.

Indifference is customer service enemy #1. Chris is right: thank you is so easy. But apparently so is indifference.

If you are truly committed to customer service, the choice is easy.

Who will you share this story with today?

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Awesome isn’t Automatic

Someone next to me on a recent flight was reading a book. The subtitle included “stop doubting your awesomeness.”

That made me wonder: is awesomeness automatic?

Is the real challenge doubting your awesomeness…or achieving it?mark sanborn

I believe anyone who chooses wisely and works hard enough and long enough can be awesome. We have the potential for greatness within us.

But it is harder than simply waking up, remembering or no longer doubting. We only experience awesomeness–at home, school, work, wherever–when we apply ourselves to expressing our potential.

It is a slippery slope from “you can choose to be awesome” to “you are automatically awesome.” Everyone has inherent value and worth but awesomeness is earned on the playing field of life, not in the recesses of the mind.

Don’t doubt your potential abilities. But keep going and do the work to develop them.

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