9 Differences Between Managers and Leaders

Managers have employees.      Leaders win followers.

Managers react to change.       Leaders create change.

Managers have good ideas.      Leaders implement them.

Managers communicate.           Leaders persuade.

Managers direct groups.            Leaders create teams.

Managers try to be heroes.        Leaders make heroes of everyone around them.

Managers take credit.                 Leaders take responsibility.

Managers are focused.               Leaders create shared focus.

Managers exercise power over people.  Leaders develop power with people.

What else sets a leader apart from a manager in your mind?  Please feel free to share your thoughts with me on Facebook and Twitter as well as in the comment box below.



13 Responses to “9 Differences Between Managers and Leaders”

  1. Denny Kelly says:

    Great reminder! Thanks!

  2. Doug Wagner says:

    Personally, I prefer the definitions of leader and manager that Marcus Buckingham uses. His version treats them both as sets of talents that are necessary and valuable to an organization.

    They are complementary talents necessary to getting things done. Great leaders don’t always make great managers and vice versa.

    Either done to average or poor standards is a disaster.

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  4. Mark is a great leader and as such has many respectable followers. Through influence and touching our hearts he is looked upon as an inspiration and always has my helping hand when needed.

  5. Shari Wright says:

    Great distinction. Here’s my 2 cents: Managers rely on invention and leaders take the liberty to reinvent.

  6. Rolanda Kaketo says:

    managers are appointed officially to the position . Leaders are may or may not be appointed officially to the position

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  8. Karthik.g says:

    All managers are the leaders where as all leaders are not managers.

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  10. Ann says:

    Managers has his eyes on the bottom line; leader has his eye on the horizon.
    Managers is a copy, leader is the original
    Manager imitates, leader originates
    Manager maintains, leader develops
    Manager accept the statut quo, leader challenge the statu quo
    Manager ask how and when, leader ask what and why
    Manager has a short-range view, leader has a long-range perspective

  11. Sairam says:

    Manager focusses on climbing the ladder of success
    leader focusses whether the ladder is leaning on to the right wall

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