There are times when a leader shouldn’t listen. Some things aren’t worth listening to. Here is a short list:

Critics who don’t offer usable insights.

Personal attacks.

Whiners with no solutions.

People who don’t value your time (probably because they don’t value their time).

Those who ask for advice but never take it.

Anyone asking for advice who really only wants validation.

Suggestions from those with no expertise.

Anyone who only say it can’t be done because they haven’t done it.

The man or woman who focuses only on the negative.

Who else would YOU add?

2 Responses to 9 Times to Stop Listening
  1. Repetitive people to whom you’ve listened once already.

  2. People who take 10 minutes to express a 1-minute thought. (If it takes them that long to formalize their point in their mind, it is obviously not well thought out, or they think you are just as thick as they are.)


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