I was in my local grocery store last night perusing magazines as I’m prone to do.

Two women nearby were talking.

“My husband said, ‘Let’s go running’ but I said, “Why? Let’s just wait until after the New Year.'”

Her friend seemed to think that was a prudent strategy.

It isn’t, of course, if you really want the benefits of exercise. Unless you have an injury that prevents it, running at any time is a good idea, and running now will help burn some of those extra holiday calories.

What I was hearing wasn’t a strategy, of course, but an excuse.

The “after the New Year” excuse will become “after Valentine’s Day” and then “after it warms up.”

Making excuses is a right exercised by man, but don’t try to fool yourself or others by dressing them up as valid reasons.

Benefits are best enjoyed immediately, and they come to those who are willing to do the work of creating them.

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