We considered switching office cleaning services. Dannielle, my office manager, arranged to meet with a new service that had advertised in our building.

The sales rep was pleasant and provided basic information. I called her later about some specific questions and concerns. We exchanged voicemails and she assured me her cleaning services would meet my criteria.

Dannielle set an appointment for her to come back at 8 the next morning.

She never showed up, but the following business day we found her business card slid underneath our door suggesting that she’d come by at the end of the day after we’d left.

We never heard from her again.

This is a cautionary tale. I was ready to do business with her company. She lost the business because of sloth and lack of follow-up. In other words, she was lazy.

If you’re a sales manager, stories like this should alarm you.

If you’re a true sales professional, a story like this should encourage you because you know your competition is too lazy to get the business.

And if you’re in sales and not signing many deals, ask yourself if you’re investing the time and energy it takes to produce results.

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Mark Sanborn
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  1. You have to be on your A game. “Aim for perfection, settle for excellence.” Walt Disney

    This story bothers me because the other stores in our area also belong to us. When I hear of service slip ups, I handle the customer in front of me then I address the other store stressing how their actions can affect all of us.


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