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Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet at your office for our idea session. I have had great feedback from my managers regarding this special time spent. The six focuses more, better, faster, different, less and funner really helped focus the discussions. Some of the things that we have implemented are as follows.

1. We now put a bottle of water and a Ghiradelli Chocolate in the customers car when they come and pick it up. The response from this inexpensive but lasting impression has been significant. We have had many customers call and go on and on about this simple act.

2. We are doing a wine tasting box with 6 wine pairings with all new and certified pre-owned acura sales. Again, the response from our customers has been extremely good.

3. We have kids fruit snacks and juice boxes at the receptionist and service receptionist to give to each kid that comes in. The kids light up and love it, which makes the parents very happy.

4. We focusing on the little gestures because they go a long way.

We are going to be holding similar meetings approximately every quarter to re-focus on what we are currently doing, is it working and what we should do differently in regards to the 6 items.

You have had so much to do with our success at Courtesy Acura. The biggest improvement we have made is our culture! When I got here the culture was sub par at best and quite an unfriendly place. Since reading the Fred Factor book with our management team and many of our employees, our culture has made a 180 degree turn. Our customers notice and quite often comment that it “feels different” here. Thanks for making an impact. We are now in the top 10% of all Acura Dealers for sales customer satisfaction. We have also more than doubled our sales since 2010 and have seen a significant increase in service and parts as well. We will continue spreading the good Fred news and appreciate all you do.

acura-logoThanks and Happy New Year,

John Mark Osborne
General Manager
Courtesy Acura

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